We don't understand

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This morning as I was reading the Gospel according to Matthew I was in Matthew 8. Jesus is having a confrontation with the Pharisees and a crowd of Jews is around them listening to the exchange.  Several things jumped out at me.

1. Jesus tells the religious leaders that they will seek Him and not find Him.  That they will not be able to come where He is going.  

 I am going away, and you will seek Me, and will die in your sin. Where I go you cannot come
- John 8:21

This is a staggering thought.  If that was the case for the them it very well could be the case for me.  If I do not hear and follow Jesus, if I do not really believe that He is the One sent from Heaven then I could be in the same place.

How sad would it be to not find the very thing I am seeking?   Worse yet how sad would it be to think I have found it, but I really haven't?

Now to really hear and believe is more than an audible signal.  It is allowing His word to transform my heart.  It is about understanding that He really is enough, that He is everything.  

2.  Then Jesus tells those who listen and begin to believe that He will set them free if they continue to abide in Him.  Their reply was that they were descendants of Abraham and had never been in bondage to any one.  

We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say,  ‘You will be made free’?
- John 8:33

They did not, could not grasp their own bondage, bondage to sin, bondage to tradition, bondage to the Romans.  They deluded themselves that they were free.

How true is this?  We do not really understand our own bondage.  If we did, would we ever be tempted to think that we could simply do better? When we grasp our own bondage we realize that Jesus is the only thing that can set us free, everything else is merely a delusion of freedom.

What about you? Do you truly sense the bondage you are in?  Do you truly sense the need for a Savior? Have you allowed the words of Jesus transform you?  Or are you convinced you can do it yourself or that you don't even need Him?

Praying with the Spirit

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How do you make your prayers consistent with the Spirit? By walking in the fullness of the Spirit. As your life is filled with the Spirit (Eph. 5:18) and as you walk in obedience to Him, He will govern your thoughts so your prayers will be in harmony with His. As you submit to the Holy Spirit, obey His Word, and rely on His leading and strength, you will be drawn into close and deep fellowship with the Father and the Son.

John F. MacArthur, Jr., Alone With God, p26.

How do you approach studying the Bible?

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Many people confess that they struggle when it comes to regular Bible study.  I think it's because of the approach that they take. Either the approach is to discover ammunition to convince people who disagree with their point of view they are right, or people approach with no goal or aim in mind at all just aimless reading.

Yet when we approach Scripture with a goal, the right goal, we begin to see how it turns from being tedious to being fun. 

Check out this video of Francis Chan and David Platt discussing this issue.

Approaching Bible Study from Multiply on Vimeo.

Stephen Hawking lays out case for Big Bang without God

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 I read an article yesterday that opened with:

Our universe didn't need any divine help to burst into being, famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking told a packed house here at the California Institute of Technology Tuesday night.

The Big Red Tractor

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Does it seem like sometimes the church is not functioning the way it is supposed to function?  Even though there is fruit, could there be more fruit?

Check out this video parable by Francis Chan about the condition of the church.

Francis Chan | The Big Red Tractor on Vimeo.